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Job Talks Construction introduces students, parents, teachers and counsellors to exciting careers in the construction industry. Hear from passionate employees and discover a new world of meaningful work.

Job Talks Construction is made possible through financial, logistical and advisory support from the following partners:

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The Residential Construction Council fo Ontario (RESCON) is Ontario's leading association of residential builders committed to providing leadership and fostering innovation in the industry. RESCON's members are involved in the construction of high-rise, low-rise and mid-rise residential buildings. RESCON is recognized as a voice of residential construction builders.

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The Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) was formed with the vision of "Constructing Ontario's Future" in mind. An alliance of labour and management, the RCCAO is the collective voice for various stakeholder groups, low-rise, high-rise and civil sectors respectively on a myriad of industry related issues. The RCCAO consults with governments, the private sector and the construction industry to devise realistic solutions to issues affecting the industry. 

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The Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance (OSTA) employs over 100,000 skilled tradespeople across Ontario. The Alliance began in 2011, with the goal to bring issues faced by issues faced by Ontario’s Skilled Trades Employers to the forefront of government decision making and regulation of the skilled trades.

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ORCCA is a council of associations who are designated bargaining agencies in the residential sector of the construction industry. Its membership is restricted to residential employer bargaining agencies regardless of union affiliation. ORCCA functions as a coordinating body to align association positions on a number of issues which affect the residential sector and often acts as the voice of the unionized residential construction industry.

OCCA Square.jpg


OCCA is a non-profit, industry-funded coalition whose mandate is to promote construction trades and professional careers in Ontario high schools and to provide information about the resources available to pursue them.  The Alliance speaks to thousands of Ontario high school students at hundreds of schools each year in their classrooms and at job fairs.

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The Ontario Sewer & Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA) is a champion of environmental protection and best practices in safety and water system management. OSWCA represents over 750 companies across Ontario including contractors, manufacturers, distributors and consulting engineers. Collectively, OSWCA performs over $1 billion a year in capital projects to ensure clean safe drinking water and environmentally responsible wastewater treatment and disposal.

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The Heavy Construction Association of Toronto (HCAT) is an organization of contractors in the heavy civil engineering construction sector. Examples of HCAT's work include bridge construction and rehabilitation, tunnels, marine construction, structure foundations and other infrastructure in Toronto.

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The Toronto Area Road Builders Association (TARBA) negotiates collective agreements with construction unions on behalf of unionized contractors. The Association has 27 Contractor Members that perform the majority of new road construction and maintenance for the City of Toronto and municipalities in Halton and Peel Regions and Simcoe County.

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The Laborers' International Union of North America is an American and Canadian labor union formed in 1903. As of 2017, they had about 500,000 members, about 80,000 of whom are in Canada. LiUNA! strives first and foremost for the needs of our members and their families, focusing on job creation, better wages and safer working conditions, building better futures, together

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