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Cody - Handyman

Cody learned how to work with his hands from his father. He takes pride in his work as a Handyman, performing scheduled maintenance in homes and buildings, including drywall, trim-work, framing, taping, floor repairs, and even working with customers. 

Michael - Tile Setter

Michael explains the main job functions of a tile setter and talks about the three things he enjoys most: working with his hands, a new job site every-day, and seeing the work he's accomplished at the end of the day. 

Meagan - Insulation Installer

Meagan Insulation Installer. An Insulation Installer comes into the build once the framing and floor is done and has passed inspection. The purpose of installation is to control and maintain indoor temperatures and it also acts as a sound barrier. In her talk Meagan talks about her daily tasks and what it takes to be a good installer.

Matt - Stonemason

Matt is proud to be working in one of the world's oldest trades. As a Stonemason, he enjoys working with different people, tools, and materials and appreciating his finished work at the end of each day. Matt also likes the many opportunities for advancement.

James - Framer

While trying to save money for university, James realized that he could learn a trade on-the-job while getting paid. As a Framer, he creates the skeleton of a house. No two days are the same for James, who is now an entrepreneur with his own framing company.

Jessica - Concrete & Drain Specialist

Jessica began working in Concrete & Drain during her university summer breaks. She then decided to pursue it full-time. In addition to the path to advancement, Jessica likes that every day involves a different task, which she performs with co-workers she enjoys. 

Brandon - Trim Carpenter

As a Trim Carpenter Apprentice, Brandon helps finish newly built homes. He discovered this trade through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Forum (OYAP).  No two days are the same in this field of fine precision work that calls for a strong attention to detail.

Jean-Pierre - HVAC Technician

Jean-Pierre is an HVAC technician. As such he deals with heating, air conditioning and ventilation in homes. He calls his trade a "super trade!" One can specialize in installations or service/maintenance. JP explains in detail the aspects of his work and it's pretty complex. He also talks about how he came to be an HVAC technician and why he loves his job. 

Kevin - Hardwood Floor Installer

Kevin is a hardwood floor installer and he liked it from day one. He enjoys working in-doors and seeing the finished product of his day's efforts every day. In his talk, Kevin explains what steps are involved with his job such as using the table saw to make very precise cuts. He describes the types of roles and salary expectations as well.

Hari - Project Coordinator 

Under the director of a project manager on a construction site, Hari plans, organizes, and coordinates the activity needed to complete the job. Her career is exciting because she has a front row seat to watch a small idea grow into a big project, all within a designated timeframe. Watch her Job Talk to hear what it takes to be a successful Project Coordinator in the residential construction sector.  

Bart - Project Manager (Residential) 

Bart is a project manager within the residential sector. In his job talk, he discusses what makes a successful project manager, what the daily tasks and responsibilities are, and the career trajectory for residential project managers. 

Behlul - Carpet Installer

As a carpet installer, Behlul's trade is the second last stage of a build before the final inspection. He learned this trade from his uncle. His best advice is to practice, practice, practice. 

Nauman - Drywaller/Boardman

Nauman works in drywall as a Boardman. He says, “I love what I do and the people I work with. It keeps me physically fit and also the money is great!” Watch his talk to learn the main things a drywaller does in their job and what they can earn.

Tyler - Bricklayer

Tyler was always fascinated with classical architecture. He didn't realize that he could create similar kinds of walls and arches until he tried it for himself. By learning the basics of Bricklaying at a training centre, Tyler is well on his way to a fulfilling career.

Justin - Taper

Justin is a drywall taper who finishes off the drywall process after the drywall is installed. He enjoys being one of the last trades in the building and having the finished product be his work. Justin explains how he came to become a taper. Watch his video to hear the four things you should consider if you think taping could be a job for you.

Dustin - Panel Installer

As a Panel Installer, Dustin installs the walls and the floors of a house. Working with a good crew, he learned all the necessary skills on the job. He talks in detail about a typical day of a panel installer and what qualities one needs to have in order to succeed in this job.

Chris - Roofer

Chris is a Roofer. His advice for anyone looking to advance in this trade is to stay physically fit, self-motivated, and work well with others. A roofer installs shingles to protect buildings and the property within them. Chris learned his trade on the job and is now able to pass on these skills to a younger generation. In his talk he discusses why he knew he would like roofing.

John - Project Wrap Foreman 

John works hard to protect homes from air and water leaks. His role comes into play after a house has been framed. There is plenty of room for career advancement working as a project wrap foreman. John explains that in this particular role you start as a labourer, but can move through the ranks past exterior wrap specialist to rough site supervisor. Strong time management and communication are part of what will lead you to achieving career goals in this field. 

Eduart - Siding Installer

Eduart is a Siding Installer. He started his career working with a friend, became a serviceman, and now works on his own as a pieceworker. Having a good work ethic, showing up on time and being a team player can all contribute to succeeding in this field. Watch Eduart’s talk to learn more about what a siding installer does during a typical day.

Pedro  - Form Setter

Pedro is a Form Setter. On a typical day, Pedro works with his hands and with some great people to set forms for columns and walls, set up scaffolding and install pre-cast stairs. Working in a training center and on the job prepared him for a career in this trade. Watch his talk to learn more about what it takes to be a form setter and the salary expectations.

Ketan - Health and Safety Manager

As a health and safety manager, Ketan is responsible for the safety on job sites. He enjoys being involved in the design and build process both in the office and on the job site. In his job talk, Ketan explains the career trajectory and what makes one successful in this line of work. 

Lovre - Gas Fitter

As a gas fitter, Lovre’s average day consists of marking and drilling holes into houses, installing gas pipes and venting for appliances and connecting the gas meter. Dressing properly for the elements, teamwork and planning are all crucial components of a successful day in this Skilled Trade. Lovre describes salary expectations and piecework potential.

Daniel - Rodman

Daniel learned to be a Rodman or "Rod Buster" in a union training center and continued his learning on site. A Rodman joins the construction process as soon as the foundation has been dug. They continue to place various sizes of steel in forms for concrete reinforcement until the building is done. Watch for a typical day and tips for success.

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