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Adam - Gravel Pit Loader Operator

Adam is a Gravel Pit Loader Operator who loves everything about his job – from the variety of hardworking people to his partnership with a piece of equipment he played with as a kid in the sandbox. Adam will tell you what to expect when it comes to salary as well as what type of education can further ensure your safety and success on the job. Watch to find out more about the daily tasks of a Loader Operator.

Mark - Gravel Pit Lead Hand

Mark is a Gravel Pit Lead Hand who is responsible for the efficiency and safety of other employers on the construction site. He will tell you what makes his job interesting and what kind of salary to expect as you work your way up to site supervisor. Watch to find out more about what set of skills it takes to be successful in this construction career.

Andy - Welder

Andy is a welder and says to be successful you need to adhere to safety, pay attention to detail, work hard and love what you do. He likes that not everyone can weld so his line of work is specialized. In his job talk, he discusses his daily activities and salary expectations.

Ben - Mobile Crane Operator

Ben started out in the trades by learning from a neighbour how to operate small equipment for landscaping. After completing high school, he worked his way up to operating a mobile crane - doing all the heavy lifting for everyone else. 

Julia - Site Supervisor

Julia studied environmental studies and civil engineering technology. She discovered her passion for a career as a Site Supervisor after a scholarship placed her at two job exciting sites.

Brandon - Excavator Operator

Brandon started his career in construction as a Labourer. He then became a Bulldozer Operator and was later promoted to an Excavator Operator. He got to be the "tip of the spear" by helping and learning from his co-workers.

Aaron - Foundation Drill Rig Operator

Ever wonder how new buildings are built in tight spaces? Aaron is a Foundation Drill Rig Operator and his crew is usually the first one on a construction site. He installs shoring walls and foundation, which other construction professionals build on top of. Aaron finds his job exciting and very well compensated. 

Larissa - Bulldozer Operator

Larissa loves working outdoors in an environment that changes every day. She loved the knowledge she received in school and is now completing her apprecenticeship, learning even more on the job.

Brian - Concrete Form Setter

Brian works as a form setter. The form setter sets up the form before the concrete is poured. Brian took a year off from university and ended up working in construction. He liked it and the money was good so he never went back to school. Brian enjoys feeling satisfied with his work at the end of the day and is happy to make about $40/hour. 

Reno - Civil Technician

Reno is a Civil Technician. A civil technician works with a professional engineer and assists them with planning, designing, and construction of infrastructure projects such as highways, bridges, and roads, and more. They play a role within all stages of construction. In his talk, Reno explains the the career trajectory for this Skilled Trade and how he knew he’d enjoy it. 

Nolan - Drilling Superintendent

Nolan started in studied civil engineering before working in construction sites around the world. Before turning 25, he has already worked across North and South America and West Africa.

A Drilling Superintendent, Nolan has a safety mindset at all times. 

Randy - Tunnel Boring Machine Operator

Randy trained as a Labourer and was later promoted to Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Operator. Inside the TBM is a "brain" called a Human-Machine Interface that Randy programs to help him and his team create tunnels for subways, sewers, mines, and more.

Daniel - Civil Engineer

Daniel specializes in bridge building and helps design the infrastructure that people rely on every day. He’ll tell you that there is nothing like the feeling of pure job satisfaction. When a project is complete Daniel feels immense pride seeing the tangible results of several months of collaborative effort and dedicated teamwork. Civil engineers are resilient, humble, and hard working. 

Stefon - Tower Crane Operator

As a Tower Crane Operator, Stefon is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the crane. He moves various heavy materials throughout the job site with ease, making certain the process is efficient and precise. In Stefon’s talk, he walks you through how he starts his day and shares some of his tips for a successful career in this Skilled Trade.

Lorenzo - Project Manager

Lorenzo is a project manager in the construction industry. He is generally responsible for the planning, acquisition, and execution of the construction build for the firm he works for. In his talk he discusses how he became a project manager, why he loves his job, what his job involves, and the career trajectory. 

Joe - Concrete Finisher

Joe takes pride in his work. As a Concrete Finisher in the road sector, he emphasizes the importance of being good with your hands, having drive and passion, and being willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Jamie - Hydrovac Operator

As a Hydrovac Operator, Jamie uses high pressure water and vacuum to locate and expose underground services. Because he's needed in different locations, Jamie sees many job sites and types of equipment. As he puts it, "It's like playing in a sandbox."

Sean - Dump Truck Driver

Sean is a dump truck driver. His main job task is to operators a truck by hauling out excavation fill to the dumps and bringing in gravel from the pits. He enjoys that he gets to drive to different areas each day. 

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